How to take good care of gemstone DND DICE and glass D&D DICE

Each gemstone dice set are natural gorgeous works of art stunningly handcrafted and beautifully unique. Just like art, there truly are no two pieces alike and that each set should be treated with love and care. Similar to gemstone dnd dice, glass dnd dice are also among the coolest sets, which are also functional, beautiful, and elegant.

Many role-playing game players, ASMR vloggers, cosplayers have questions about the maintenance of gemstone dice and glass dice. How can we better protect and use them? And what’s the best way to take care of them?

Below are our suggestions from to make sure your gemstone dice and glass dice stay in tip-top shape to avoid cracks, chips, and damage.

1.Roll on a padded mat or a soft dice tray, which will keep them from rolling off the table and chipping, as well as stop them from breaking while in the bin!


  1. Don’t use Dice Towers or Dice Cups - Dice towers increase the risk of gemstones becoming damaged. Dice cups likewise run an increased risk of damaging your gemstones as the dice are continuously slammed into one another.

 3. Keep them separate from other dice when rolling or storing them, especially metal dices, as they may chip them by knocking into each other.


  1. keep the glass dice and gemstones away from water. Spilling water on them one time isn’t going to destroy them, but prolonged exposure to water weakens fluorite.


  1. Avoid exposing them to sunlight or heat for long periods, e.g., don't display them on a windowsill. Fluorite is one of several stones that will fade in sunlight. Heat can dry up the natural moisture of some gemstone dice. Sudden temperature changes and extreme heat can also cause a fracture in some gemstones. So, always take care to keep your gemstones away from sunlight and heat.


  1. Rolling a critical failure is just part of the game, but don’t take your frustration out on them by throwing them across the room, punishing the gemstone dice / glass dice instead by sending it straight to dice jail.


  1. Some gemstone dice decay with oils in skin and lotion so just clean them with micro fiber cloths when you're done with them.

Your gemstone and glass dice are delicate, but if you follow the steps above and look after them, they’ll last a lifetime of adventures. The last thing to remember is that they are meant to be played with. So don't be afraid to use them!

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