Collection: Glass DND Dice

MAGISEVEN Glass DND Dice are loved by many dice game players because of their unique appearance, texture and weight in the hand. They are functional, beautiful, and elegant.

Magiseven Prismatic Dichroic Glass DND Dice Review from:

The autistic crow brain instinct was too powerful, and they fulfilled every shiny lover urge. For those of you who don't know (like I didn’t when I ordered them, dichroic means that they’ll reflect a different color for every angle you look at them. When you turn them over in your hands, you can see the divisions in the surface where they’ll turn a new color.

Review about Magiseven DND Dice's price from
To be honest with you, the dice are such high quality, I think the amount you sell them for is already a bargain.You are selling premium dice for a premium client.
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And all of the products' pictures are shot by camera naturally, without any Photoshop. So we can guarantee each glass dnd dice set are perfect picture-match. What you get is totally what you see.