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Customize Gemstone DND Dice Set, Glass DND Dice Set, Cats' Eye DND Dice Set

Customize Gemstone DND Dice Set, Glass DND Dice Set, Cats' Eye DND Dice Set

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1. Custome content:

MAGISEVEN supports customizing your lovely dice now! What does Magiseven support?

  1. Custom initials or short text on the dice, tell us which dice and faces of each die you would like to add on.
  2. Custom logo or symbol on the dice, tell us which dice and which faces of each die you would like to add on.
  3. Use another font (number) style for the dice, there is a need to provide the font’s name with us.

2. Custome time and material:

Normally it will take more time, about 10 days to process the custom order, hope you can understand this. And you can choose the following materials provided by our store for the custom order.

Dice Material

Natural Gemsone

Cats' Eye Stone



Amethyst Stone

Royal Blue Cats' Eye

Prismatic Dichroic Glass


Labradorite Stone

Light Blue Cats' Eye

Frosted Prismatic Dichroic Glass


Tiger's eye stone

Purple Cats' Eye

Red Glass


Rose Quartz Stone



African Blood Stone



Chicken Blood Stone



Obsidian Stone



Frosted Obsidian Stone



Blue Sandstone




If you need other materials, pls tell us the material name. Please feel free to contact us at We would love to hear more from you.

3. Custome Fee:

The fee is added $40 to the price of each set of clear dice sold at MAGISEVEN store. For example, MAGISEVEN Amethyst Gemstone DICE 7 pieces Set is selling at $58.99, then the customized Amethyst Gemstone Dice are $98.99, adding $40 for a full set. And MAGISEVEN supports free shipping for customized dice sets.

Reach us out at for customizing your dice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tawny T.

This was the easiest custom order I've ever had to make. In addition to the quick communication, they also added a listing of a material that wasn't on their roster just so I can make my order! They go beyond to make sure your order is correct and have great service.

I even had one of the dice sets lost in the mail and they quick sent a backup set just to make sure I had them on time. Thank you so much, these dice and custom box are incredible!

Connor M
Magiseven delivers what they promise!

For my friend’s birthdays, all clustered around the same time, I got the idea to order them each a custom DND dice set. I ordered 3 custom gemstone dice sets (cats eye, labradorite, and blue sandstone) and I couldn't be happier with my experience.

The best part of all this was the exceptional customer service. From the moment I placed my order, we were in constant communication throughout the customization process. They were quick to respond to my questions (1/2 a day to a day response time) and kept me updated every step of the way. When I had feedback or wanted to make a change, they were accommodating.

Another really great thing was the speed at which they completed the order. From other similar dice websites, I was told it would take around 2-3 months for my custom orders. This was a huge deal breaker for me because I would miss my friends’ birthdays which were all in November. However, I placed my order with Magiseven in late-September and received the dice late-October with the caveat they took an extra 8 days due to the golden week holiday in China. Even with the holiday, it was the fastest custom dice service I could find.

A tip for anyone considering custom dice: send your symbols as SVG files, similar to ordering custom stickers (you can convert PNGs to SVG via adobe illustrator). Additionally, I learned that the preferred aspect ratio for custom symbols on dice is 1:1, so keep that in mind when designing.

When the dice arrived they were the exact quality that was promised on the website. I ordered custom fonts and it turned out very ornate, pretty, and with no slips or messy designs on the laser engraved numbers/symbols.

These dice sets were the perfect gift for my friends, and I’m really happy with the result. Magiseven delivers what they promise.